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FrazzleMail Discontinued

In 2012 there were few safe email options for kids and that’s why FrazzleMail was created, but 6 years is a long time on the Internet and a lot has changed.

Beta Testers Needed

A new program called Gee MailBackup is currently in development and beta testers are needed.  Gee MailBackup is an easy to use program that backs up your Gmail account with a click of a...

Important FrazzleMail Update

An update to FrazzleMail is available for those who are experiencing an error while configuring a new email account.

Yahoo! Weather Notice (KABcam)

Yahoo! shutdown their public weather server at the end of March, 2016. KABcam has used this public weather service for many years, and with it’s termination the weather feature in the current and previous...