Beta Testers Needed

A new program called Gee MailBackup is currently in development and beta testers are needed.  Gee MailBackup is an easy to use program that backs up your Gmail account with a click of a button.

If you are interested in testing Gee MailBackup please contact us.

For more information about Gee MailBackup visit the product page (work in progress).

Gee MailBackup Beta Notice
This version of Gee MailBackup is under active development. The “Beta” labeling implies that while the core features of the software have been implemented, bugs and issues may still remain undiscovered until this phase of testing is complete.  As such, Gee MailBackup may experience the following issues, but not limited to, during usage:

  • Unexpected crashes
  • Loss of backed up email messages

By using Gee MailBackup as Beta software you understand and agree that issues may be encountered without prior warning that may affect your ability to create a reliable backup of your email messages.