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Show your World to the Web with KABcam webcam software

Take snapshots from any camera

KABcam supports virtually all USB cameras, built-in laptop cameras and network cameras. KABcam automatically detects USB and built-in cameras and lets you adjust the camera settings to get the perfect snapshot.

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Customize your snapshots before uploading

With KABcam you can customize snapshots by adding text, the date & time and the current weather.  You can even add a logo to the snapshot.

Upload your snapshots to a variety of servers

KABcam supports uploading snapshots using secure protocols such as SFTP and FTPS, or you can upload using FTP.  KABcam can automatically create archives and thumbnails, perfect for viewing snapshots over time.

KABcam is a great tool for monitoring snowmobile trails, motorcycle and mountain bike trails, lake conditions and weather cameras. KABcam even includes support for modem connections for those remote locations that use dial-up internet access.

Buy Now – $24.99 Download KABcam


FeaturesOnline DemoScreen Shots
  • Free upgrades. Once you purchase KABcam all new versions are free.
  • Capture snapshots from USB, built-in and network cameras.
  • Supports Cable, Fiber, Satellite, DSL and even Dial-Up Internet connections.
  • Supports uploading using SFTP, FTPS and FTP
  • Automatically take snapshots every few seconds, minute or hours.
  • Schedule automatic snapshots to a specific time of the day.
  • Include a date/time stamp on your snapshot using any color and font.
  • Include the current weather obtained from OpenWeatherMap or the National Weather Service (US)
  • Include a custom text banner on your snapshot using any color and font.
  • Archive snapshot in chronological or reverse chronological order.
  • Automatically create snapshot thumbnails.
  • Email snapshots to an email account.
  • Runs in the background, and can automatically start when you turn on your computer. 
  • Includes sample web pages with JavaScript for refreshing the snapshot.
  • Quickly enable/disable automatic snapshots from the system tray icon.


Click the image to view the KABcam sample webpage and archive included free with KABcam

Looking for KABcam version 4? You can still download it here.

Windows 11 Compatible

Windows 10 Compatible