About kab software

Disclaimer: This is a long, self-indulgent post. You may want to grab a coffee first, or better yet move on to something completely different.

A little about kab software

I started kab software in 1996 when I released Lydia Email Agent, it was very popular back when everyone had limited dial-up accounts. In 1998 kabsoftware.com went online with the release of KABcam (still selling after 20 years). The KAB in kab software are my initials and I write in lowercase because I don’t like the look of it when my initials are capitalized. I pronounce it cab software rather than k-a-b software.

Before kab software

In 1992 I wrote software for the Tandy Color Computer (Coco) and DOS using the name KLG Systems, I won’t go into that that name means. 🙂  My most popular program was Sidney the Super Space Snake for the Coco III, if you were part of the Coco community back then you may have seen Sidney in the Coco magazine The Rainbow. In 2019 I recreated Sidney the Super Space Snake for Windows, Linux and Android. After the Coco was discontinued I switched to creating DOS and Windows (version 3) shareware that was distributed on BBS‘.

My stint as a professional game developer

In 1995 I was hired part time to help program a DOS based game called Curly’s Adventure that was being developed by Sylum Entertainment and produced by Epic (called Epic Megagames back then). With the release of Windows 95 and the first version of DirectX in beta, Epic wanted the game moved to Windows.  The original lead programmer had no experience in Windows programming so he left the project and I went full time as lead programmer. In 1997 Epic dropped the project, I continued to work on the project while Sylum tried to find another producer. In 1998 I left the project, it was officially cancelled in 1999.

The past, present and future

From the release of Lydia Email Agent in 1996 to Gee MailBackup in 2018 (currently in beta), kab software has been creating software for humans for over 20 years. The next 20 years should be fun!

– Keith