Network Notify Support

IPHost Monitor is Windows software that monitors devices and resources on your network.  Network Notify is a program that can be used by IPHost Monitor running on a server to send desktop notifications to one or more Windows workstations when an event occurs.

To use Network Notify with IPHost Monitor:

On the computer to receive the notifications

  • Install the client using the NetworkNotifyClient-Setup program

On the computer running IPHost Monitor

  1. Extract the to a location on the computer running IP Host Monitor
  2. In IPHost Monitor click Settings and choose Alerts from the menu items on the left
  3. Under Alerts click the New button
  4. Give the alert a name, such as Network Notification
  5. Click the Add button, then select New Simple Action->Execute Program
  6. Give the action a name, such as Network Notify
  7. Set the Mode to Run program
  8. Click the Select button, then browse to the location you extracted the agent and select the nnAgent file.
  9. In the Arguments enter the following, replacing WORKSTATON with the name or ip address of the workstation to receive the notifications. If you want to send notifications to more than one workstation, separate the workstations with a comma and wrap with double quotes

    WORKSTATION “$HostName – $EventShortDescription” “$MonitorName – $EventDetails”

  10. Click the OK button then close the Alerts windows.
  11. In settings, on the left click Alerting Rules
  12. In the list select Default Alerting Rule and click the Edit button
  13. For the Down and Warning State Alerts select the new alert you created in the previous steps
  14. Click the OK button to close the alerting rule
  15. Click the close button to close the Settings

When an alert occurs IPHost Monitor will execute the Network Notify agent (nnAgent) which will sent the notification to the client software on the workstations.





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