KABcam Version History

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Version 5.1.3 – 10/9/21

  • Fixed an issue where the Passive FTP setting was being ignored during the FTP Settings test.
  • Fixed a rare issue where entering a serial number could cause a crash.

Version 5.1.2 – 5/29/21

  • Added an option to set the language when using weather from OpenWeatherMap.org, when the weather description is added to the KABcam image it will use the selected language.  The new option is available under Settings->Snapshot->Overlay->Weather.
  • KABcam will now display an error if the image type from the camera cannot be determined.

Version 5.0.171 – 7/15/20

  • Fixed an error that could occur when KABcam was set to run when Windows starts.
  • Changed the behavior of the close (x) button when KABcam is set to hide when minimized.  When the Hide when minimized option under the Startup settings is enabled, clicking the close (x) button on the KABcam window will hide KABcam rather than exit the program.

Version 5.0.170 – 5/5/20

  • Fixed an issue where OpenWeatherMap always returned the temperature in Fahrenheit even when Celsius was selected.
  • Fixed an issue when network camera selected where if update preview on start is enabled and auto snapshot is enabled, but the auto snapshot isn’t taken due to schedule it would not update preview

Version 5.0.167 – 1/15/19

  • Initial release of KABcam version 5