Journal2Day Version History

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Version 4.0.22 – 9/14/22
  • Added: You can now add pictures to your journal entry (this is in addition to the photo gadget).  You can insert images from the Entry menu or the journal entry context menu (right click).
  • Added: You can now set the frequency of the automatic backups.
  • Updated: Updated license key style. If you are upgrading from version 3, please contact KAB Software to obtain a new license key.
  • Updated: Upgraded the journal encryption. NOTE: If you are upgrading from version 3, you must disable password protection before installing version 4.  Once version 4 is installed you can re-enable password protection. You can learn more from here.
  • Updated: Change the default location of the journal file from %APPDATA%\KAB Software\Journal2Day to Documents\Journal2Day.  This only affects new journal files.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where current entry wasn’t saved before exporting journal
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where using keyboard to change selection in search window did not change entry date.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where the program would crash if the application configuration folder didn’t exist.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where an unhandled exception could occur when changing the year on the calendar gadget.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where backups would fail if the backup folder didn’t exist. The program will now create the backup folder if it doesn’t exist.
  • Fixed: Corrected various cosmetic issues.
Version 3.0.70 – 4/29/20
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue with the weather location lookup that would cause a crash if the lookup provider service was not working correctly.
Version 3.0.68 – 1/14/19
  • Changed: Replaced Yahoo! Weather with due to Yahoo! retiring their free weather API.
Version 3.0.64 – 9/28/18
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where the cancel button would not appear in the software update window.
Version 3.0.63 – 9/28/2018
  • New: You can track your mood using the new mood chart. The mood chart shows your mood (based on the mood gadget) for the current or previous week, month, year or set a custom date range.  You can open the mood chart from the new View menu.
  • New: You can now hide the mood, weather and photo gadgets from the new View menu.
  • New: You can display a random prompt using the new Random button in the writing prompts window.
  • New: The search, writing prompt and mood chart windows will reopen if they were open when you last closed the program.
  • New: Added a warning when you try to update the weather or photo for a previous journal entry,
  • New: Added new French, German, Spanish and South African English dictionaries.
  • New: Increased the mood gadget from 3 to 5 moods, existing entries are automatically updated.
  • New: Added a restore menu option to the file menu.
  • Changed: Renamed the mood, weather and photo widgets to gadgets in the menus and help file.
  • Changed: Removed the close button from writing prompt window to match tool window guidelines.
  • Changed: Removed the close and go to buttons from the search window to match tool window guidelines. Clicking a date in the list will display the entry, you no longer need to double click the date.
  • Changed: Changed the minimum searchable word to 3 characters.
  • Changed: Weather gadget properly displays the temperature unit based on the weather gadget settings. Note: This only applies to new entries.
  • Changed: Renamed Journaling Prompts to Writing Prompts.
  • Changed: Improved program update check function
  • Changed: Removed monochrome icons
  • Fixed: Pressing ESC when a tool window (prompt, search and mood chart) will now close the window.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where apostrophe’s could be duplicated in a journal entry.
  • Fixed: When clicking a web link in a journal entry it will now open the link in your browser.
  • Fixed: Fixed a search issue where the search would fail when extra spaces were at the beginning, end or between words.
  • Fixed: Fixed a search issue where it would search for a phrase rather than multiple words.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issu where the manual location description wasting being saved.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where dates with entries on the calendar outside of the current month were not set as bold.
  • Fixed: Corrected several minor cosmetic issues.

Version 2.2.11 – 1/9/2018
  • Fixed an issue where the camera selection may not save on computers with multiple cameras.

Version 2.2.10 – 12/19/2017
  • Added a Find feature for journal entries, the new feature can be found under the Entry menu.
  • Added journal entry word count to the status bar.
  • Added context sensitive help.
  • Added Settings to the File menu.
  • Added a manual backup feature to the File menu.
  • Fixed the toolbar text style buttons so they update when the cursor is moved using the arrow keys.
  • Fixed the export journal dialog to show Save instead of Open in the window title.
  • Fixed the journal print feature so that is correctly prints long (multi-page) journal entries.
  • Change settings and data location from %APPDATA%\KAB Software\Journal2Day\Data to %APPDATA%\KAB Software\Journal2Day. The program will automatically move the data and settings if a previous version is found.
  • Changed backup retention settings.  Backup retention now saves backups by day rather than runs.
  • Removed the Enable Autosave setting, autosave is now on all of the time.
  • Removed the Setup Wizard when the program is run for the first time, now it will simply ask the user if you want to password protect your journal.


Version 2.1.109
  • Changed the settings file, settings are now saved as an XML file
  • Added an option to set the date/time stamp to bold
  • Added an option to the file menu to manually save the journal, this does not change the autosave behavior.
  • Added the ability to export all or part of the journal as plain text
  • Changed Time/Date references to Date/Time
  • Fixed a bug that would cause long entries to only save the end of the text

Version 2.0
  • Fixed: Fixed bug in date time stamp where it would make time between noon and 12:59 be AM rather than PM
  • Added: Added an autosave feature which can be enabled/disabled in the settings. When enabled it will autosave the current entry every two minutes.
  • Added: The weather now includes the time
  • Added: Added writing/journaling Prompts
  • Changed: Password protection now uses AES encryption
  • Changed: If text is selected spellcheck will only check the selected text
  • Changed: Backup purging is now date based rather than count based